Wednesday, September 30, 2009

no gary no

i love how patrese keeps posting blogs about smoking
seeing as i havent had a cigarette in 6 days.
i went for 4 days before that. 
so patrese keep it up and maybe 6 will just be my new record.
god i miss smoking.

oh and ive lost 4 kilos :) and its only been a week so double :) :)
but im kinda really hungry so i figure i just move the calories up a notch on lite n easy but go back to the gym? yupp i think so.

and currently addicted to greys anatomy. up to season 3 already. need to stop and start studying. NOW.

well im starving so im off to eat. a mandarin. yess my morning snack is a mandarin :|
laters haters.

- dani x.

welcome to the land of fame excess

In light of my last post...i thought these were appropriate 

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Trese x

All The Cool Kids Smoke

Ever get that condescending stare as you light up outside a school?
Ever cop the fake cough when your waiting to cross the road?
Ever been told to stand somewhere else because your smoke is "blowing into our store"?
Well I have, many a time.
Usually its followed with a "go fuck yourself, have a nice day"
However, sometimes I get creative. For example; 

The other day a woman pulled up next to me at the lights after I had thrown a cigarette butt out of my window...
Woman: Did you just throw something out of your window!? (meanwhile I'm sitting in a convertible, she had already made a fool of herself)
Me: Yeah, a cigarette butt, why
Woman: Do you know thats illegal! How harmful it is for the environment!?
Me: (pause for 5 seconds while brain thinks of comeback)
Me: Yeah, well, if being fat was illegal, you'd be in fucking jail.
Cue green light
Shocked woman winds her window up, defeated, annoyed.
The point I'm trying to make here, convolutedly, is that smoking and ditching cigarettes out of a car window is no more harmful to the environment than the amount of food wrappers half of you fat retards go through every day, so next time one of you self-righteous little fucks thinks its cool and politically correct to make a comment about me smoking, think of this:
A: How fat you are
B: If your not fat, how little a life you have that you feel the need to comment on someone else's life
C: The knife or shiv that may or may not be plunged into your body if your unlucky enough to say it to the wrong person
D: If it smells that bad, then move the fuck away, because smoking isn't going anywhere, whereas you can...with your cunt.
Sorry to those of you who actually are fat but are all for smoking, I feel for you I really do. I'm always available to go on runs with if you feel like shedding some kilos. Alternatively, you could come to tank every saturday, take a bunch of green hearts and be awake for the next four days.  "Maximillian's Sure-Fire Guide to Weight Loss" as its called in the industry.
Get to it fatties
As for all you children out there, smoking is the way to go. As you can see the coolest people ever to have lived all do it or did it. 


Maxamll- LovesCousin

I remember reading this post a few months back, and i absolutely loved it!, it reminded me of myself when i'm in a really bitchy mood and i just take it out on the first thing to come near me. Anyways, just expressing my love for Lovescousin, yet again! keep it up!

Trese x

i dont want to go to bed mad at you

just a bit of inspiration to lighten up the week 
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...enough said


Trese x

Monday, September 28, 2009

i can't even express how scared i am right now....

today it all ends. 


Sunday, September 27, 2009

hot child in the city

effortless glamour
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Trese x
fuck you!

seriously i actually mean it! 


end of story

Saturday, September 26, 2009

"PS. I was planning on writing the little Italian kid off who sent me an abusive message on facebook, however Ill settle for idle threats.
If I ever see you. 
I'll burn your fucking eyes out with a can of deodorant, do the same to your fat, underage girlfriend, then skull fuck you both till I can feel the remorse oozing out of your eye sockets. 
You threaten me, or my family ever again, and it won't just be a quick skull fucking and some lost eyeballs, you 'will' come to realize what its like to meet someone who knows the active ingredient in Omo washing powder can dissolve an entire human body in two weeks (minus bones)  if kept at around 40 degrees celsius, while sulfuric acid does it in two days, it won't dissolve leather, gallstones or dentures. 
Luckily for me not that many people have any of those things in their body these days.
It was harder in the 1800's.
Leather bones was all the rage.
However, if you believe that to be a little... harsh.
Feel free to apologize. I'm pretty forgiving when I'm not skull fucking peoples eye sockets.
Your friend,
- Loves cousin

Ironically, this made me laugh...its blunt and cruel and soo fucking true!

Trese x

im trying to find the words to describe this girl without being disrespectful

i love this photo soo much!...its post 3 20..hence the glistening red eyes
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Trese x

Friday, September 25, 2009

end of the beginning

i know everyones saying how its not sad, is so exciting that we've finished school and im excited too.
but it is friken SAD.
do you people not realise the extent of what has just happened.
the one thing that we have been doing for the last 13 years of our lives, is over.
the first chapter of our lives is offically over.
were not kids anymore. 
its sad.

i mean yeaa im hell excited to start our lives.
but its SAD.

it feels like when someone you love has died. when you get the massive sinking feeling in your stomach because you realise your never gonna see them or spend time with them again. your never gonna be able to share anything with them again. No laughing or crying with them again. except that someone you loved is school. and you just lie around all day trying to distract yourself from thinking about it by sleeping and watching movies but whenever something happens or someone says something or you see something or think something that reminds you of them, you can't help but break out in tears.
honestly feels like theres been a death. but actually hasn't there?
or is this just me?

and seriously if it wasn't these people theres is no way in hell i would feel this way

they're awesome and your jealous.

- dani x.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

i'm not over you just yet

i cant wait for 5th of November :)

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Trese x

0 days :)

Lost Property
We have a large pile of year 9’s self respect and virginity that has been lost throughout the year, unfortunately these items can’t be returned.
Mr O’Rourke your teeth have been found from year 8 camp 2005, please collect them from the front office ASAP

Shore are now offering new places for the DT staff, go home.
Mr McKinlay, Mr Lee was unable to change your “funky dunky” password, you’ll be stuck with it for life.
If you are wanting a new sports car or TV, please visit the business office by the end of the year, so we can bill it to the students accounts.
Detention- Ms Quinn for stealing, Ms Alcock has searched your desk and found a large pile of students jewellery.

Year 7
During todays “science lesson” we’ll be dropping you of the balconies to see what drops faster, you, or your annoying parachutes.

Year 8
OmG lo1z competition to see who got the most magz on the weekend. Take photos of your vomit/enter the number of boys you hooked up with. Prize- 4 cRui$ers drink responsibly, teen drinking is very bad

Year 9
Smoking kills, there are cooler ways to die so stop smoking. Smoke detectors have been installed in the change room so please return to your desired location of the council car parks.

Year 10
This year is very important for you as the school certificate determines your life. Pru Salter will be holding study classes during lunch for the next few weeks, alternatively you can inject yourself with swine flu.
All reflective surfaces will be covered in an attempt to get year 10 to class on time.

Year 11
Although you’re the prodigy year, no one actually likes you. Seriously. Let your light shine- out of your ass.
Attention- come to the Mcguirk courtyard at lunch to find your year 12 look alike for a totally cool fakie.

Year 12
Free photocopying in the Art rooms, main entrance- side window, cost- muck up day.
Today during English, there will be a guest appearance from Shakespeare, just kidding it’s only Mr Norman.

no more left :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

ooh la

"so what if it hurts me? so what if i break down? so what if this world just throws me off the edge, my feet run out of ground."
okay this is the last you'll hear from me today...but i kinda think i need to go to sleep on a happier note...

I was just thinking how stupid i am for doing such stupid things today, and then i kinda realised, they werent stupid things. So i may have gotten hurt, but i've learnt the truth, and although the truth seriously does hurt like a bitch. its provided closure. And from this one "mistake" ive learnt to not attempt to hide the bad parts of people because hiding them will only make it harder when those parts eventually hurt you. And hurt you they will! Trust me!! 

so anyways, my lesson for the day is always keep your eyes and hearts open, so what if you get hurt? its all part of the learning experience, and if you dont get hurt, you will never learn! Sad fact, but it's true.

It's a hard life to live, so live it well, i'll be your friend, and not to pretend- The Kooks

Trese x


the lightbulb shoes are Chanel......

now to find the $2,200 to get them!

My life story!

Trese x

get up wake up, hair and make-up

oh my gosh my days are getting longer, and there's no turning back now i'm working 9 to 5

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

i'd also like to are unreliable period!

Trese x

sunshine lollipops and rainbows

patrese just quit.
im quitting acer arena.
then we can find jobs bartending.

new life. new job. new attitude.

-dani x.

absolutely everybody bleeds

so ummm as of today ive decided i want to quit...i hate my work so muuuuuchhhh!
actually i hate my manager..i really do! i want him to get HIV and die! 
i usually love gay guys! and girls..whatever! i dont care! as long as your nice, honest and loyal to me! i will love you in return and that love will not be broken unless you break one of the 3 criteria..twice (yes i give second chances..but not many)

anywhoo! i have been nothing but loyal to that fcuking company for 4 fucking years! and they are consistently arseholes in return! especially this one!
on saturday he rang me and decided that he changed my shift...AND wanted me to tell the other that their shifts had changed too! yes it was too fucking difficult for him to do it himself! OR simply leave a note for them to let them know what was happening!
THEN at 2 30 today i get a call telling me i had a staff meeting...and you know what....i didnt yeah FUCK YOU FCUK!

i want this day to end so i can wake up tomorrow on a happier note!
ALthough my 5 year old God daughter Sofia did sing Taylor Swift for me today...and then wanted me to do two hippy plaits in her hair (which is how i had my hair) and that made me smile! She's actually a mini me in everyway! its really cute! shes even a bitch when she needs to be :) what can i spirit will live on!

Trese x

that last post seriously made me laugh! The english language is not quite adequate in explaining how much i love you!
you presence has actually made my year!

i loveeeyouuuuuuuu sooooooooo MUCH

the world just chewed her up and spat her out

im actually in the worst mood right now.
for several reasons.

1. when i got to the gym to swipe my card in the stupid girl behind the desk goes 'oh geezz i was just about to call you! its 6:30 and you werent here i was getting worried" which was embarressing enough until i turn around and friken 2 girls from my grade at my school were behind me! with looks on the faces like puuhhleeaassee as if you come every night. (if you knew who these girls were you'd know the exact face i meant)

2. an hour into my session at the gym MY IPOD DIED.

3. i filled up with petrol on the way to the gym and on my way home from the gym the same petrol station had the petrol for 5cents CHEAPER.

4.lauras fucking dying of sickness.

5. see previous post.

6. i have nothing good planned for muck up day!

7. i have been going to the gym every day for 2 hours for the past 5 weeks and NOTHING has much so that my trainer carmen has booked me in for a program review.

8. my family sucks ass. i wanna just leave already

9. i cant event write a stupid fucking essay

10. my hair is CURLY

but i guess on the plus side my lite n easy food comes on thursday :) im so friken excited.

hhmmm im starting to think bloggings good for the soul. i feel much better already.

but trese where the eff are you this evening?

- dani x.

you can call me ceasar!

Dani: those last few posts made me laugh! lol thankyou for cheering up an otherwise miserable day :)

and to whoever is reading this..i have been a real downer today! its actually been really shit! my facebook horoscope told me this morning i would find out some big news today...and that i did! 
Laura found out she had glandge today...and i'm seriously devastated! but i feel bad for being devastated because i know that Laura's even more devastated than i am!

Her arsehole doctor also suggested that she drop out...yes 3 days before muck up day! arsehole right? Anyways i want her to be there for the countdown or i will seriously cry! So...i thought whats the best way to cheer her up even the slightest...take her aldi chocolate and triple mudcake ice cream! And yes! the people at Aldi officially think im world fattest miserable loser! but it was all worth it in the end!

i miss her sooo much and i dont like it when she's sick! it makes me upset!
anyways for the 25 of you whom have viewd this secret blog this is me and her at loz's 18th!

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Trese x

do you believe in heaven?

patrese you have to watch this episode of greys anatomy.
It is actually the saddest thing ever and i cant even write this cause im in tears.

Monday, September 21, 2009

if your from africa why are you white?

I decided to be a war reporter.
I already had a DKNY safari dress- all i needed was a really big story.
-Jane Bussman
(celebrity journalist turned war reporter)
-dani x.

seamstress for the band

my new favourite place to waste my days.

- dani x.

do you want to go to the seaside?

i would absloutley kill for these!
well maybe i dont have to?
from $450-$550 a pop its worth it if all the profits go to charity right? RIGHT?
-Romance Was Born RAFW 09 -

patrese thinks that i should just buy shoes similiar and decorate them myself.
but its not the same thing :(
she also talked me out of buying  these sunnies from sportsgirl.
she also said i should go to italian seminar but instead im sitting on the train writing these blogs,listening to tiny dancer and sucking on a heart lollipop.

you know what trese your such a downer today ive realised!
why wont you let me live marge? why won't you let me live!?
(okay if no one has seen that simpsons moment, youtube it. friken hilarious)

hmmm but i do need trese. i mean otherwise i would currently be sitting here with $80 worth of sportsgirl eyewear. which is only 2 pairs. and i'd never be able to afford those shoes anyways. fffffiiinnneeeeeee, trese was right. whatever :)

ahh well were at my train stop. guess i best rap this shiz up.
laters haters.

-dani x.

all that money still riding the bus

currently sitting in CM block alone paiting my nails charcol
and listening to stupid lil year 7's in homeroom trying to co-ordinate themselves to the lyrics of phenomenal handclap band - 15 to 20.
hurry up patrese

-dani x.

your the one thing i can't get enough of

i know i'm always whinging about things i want..but do you blame me when there are people in the world who are lucky enough to own things such as these...???

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Trese x

Sunday, September 20, 2009

do i even want to grow up?

its exactly one month until our first hsc exam.
i feel no other way better to express my feeling than...

i wish i was a punkrocker with flowers in my hair

take me back to the 60's

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Trese x

whats on your mind?

velvet, boys, shoes & fedora's
fuck the hsc!

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Trese x


people should learn to reply to messages...

if your out of credit..reply on facebook
if your busy....reply as soon as you can
if your phone is out of battery...get a charger
if you dont know what to say...just reply with a fucking "?" so we know you at least recieved the message!!

DONT leave someone hanging...its really fucking annoying!

Trese x

Saturday, September 19, 2009

hold me closer tiny dancer

i don't understand why these photos were taken and what they are about because i dont understand french.
but i do know they're all having fun.


-dani x.

mmm bop

this bitch makes everything look so fucking effortless...

cory kennedy...the epitome of cool
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Trese x