Tuesday, September 22, 2009

absolutely everybody bleeds

so ummm as of today ive decided i want to quit...i hate my work so muuuuuchhhh!
actually i hate my manager..i really do! i want him to get HIV and die! 
i usually love gay guys! and girls..whatever! i dont care! as long as your nice, honest and loyal to me! i will love you in return and that love will not be broken unless you break one of the 3 criteria..twice (yes i give second chances..but not many)

anywhoo! i have been nothing but loyal to that fcuking company for 4 fucking years! and they are consistently arseholes in return! especially this one!
on saturday he rang me and decided that he changed my shift...AND wanted me to tell the other that their shifts had changed too! yes it was too fucking difficult for him to do it himself! OR simply leave a note for them to let them know what was happening!
THEN at 2 30 today i get a call telling me i had a staff meeting...and you know what....i didnt go...so yeah FUCK YOU FCUK!

i want this day to end so i can wake up tomorrow on a happier note!
ALthough my 5 year old God daughter Sofia did sing Taylor Swift for me today...and then wanted me to do two hippy plaits in her hair (which is how i had my hair) and that made me smile! She's actually a mini me in everyway! its really cute! shes even a bitch when she needs to be :) what can i say....my spirit will live on!

Trese x