Friday, October 30, 2009

note to dani:
that picture is disturbing...not amusing hahah


I found these from like 500 years ago, i forgot they existed and they put a massive smile on my dial :)
laura (happy karl?)

Mr Potter?

Its actually embarrassing how excited i just got when i discovered Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is on channel 9.
People are always astounded when i tell them of my love for Harry Potter. although astounded is probably bit of an understatement. they tend to not believe me.
and they give me the same look Mr Crook gave me this week when i told him i wanna take a gap year next year and work for Mission Australia.
He pretended to fall off the chair at quote "the thought of me slumming it in the ghettos"
but i dont care, hearing crookybabes say ghetto was the highlight of my week. and he actually loves me.

anyhoo while searching harry potter i found this. thought it was quite the amusement.

- dani x.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

i took the polaroid down from my room

Sei du Selbst

This is for you,

a note-to-self about living your own life,

uniquely yours from birth


We’re often tangled with the paths of others

that they so blissfully choose


Look in the mirror all you people,

you’ll find your answer,

your destination awaits.

Trese x

my mum needs you gone...


 such a funny concept. It is inevitable, although no one wants anything to do with it. You don’t even know where you end up when you die. So I guess you aren’t afraid of dying, you are merely afraid of the unknown. God is pretty much unknown, why aren’t you afraid of him? If there is even a god. It can be anything that is ‘above’ us. Why a superior being? It could just be a couple of nerdy kids playing around. Who knows? There may not even be a heaven or a hell... just a room. Nothing keeps you company for the rest of eternity. And what if you don’t even know that you’re dead? I hope I die of something obvious then. See, I’m not exactly afraid of death; I’m more concerned about what those nerds plan to do with me when they get bored. And trust me, they will...

you can't fight the tears that ain't coming

you know what i can't quite understand....
Society's fascination with the 'bad boy'. Actually no. Let me rephrase. MY fascination with the 'bad boy' or should it be 'that which i can't have'.

We always find that the boys we want the most are the ones that are completely out of our league..or just 'too cool'. Yet when we can get the good boy, who will treat us well, pamper us, and not hurt us..we don't want him.So why is it that we've been positioned to want that which we can't have?. Why don't we desire the men that are good for us? It was like Sandy in Grease...she had the good boy, who was the jock, had a future and would've been happy to give her what she wanted. But she needed Danny Zuko, the boy that no mother wanted to see dating her daughter. So what did Danny have that the jock didn't?
And the same goes for Blair, Chuck and Nate. Like no one can argue the fact that Nate is much better looking than Chuck, and much nicer than Chuck. So what makes Chuck more appealing?

Is it the thrill of the chase. Knowing that there is a good chance that we won't get what we want rather than settling for second best? Is it knowing that the odd chance of us getting what we want will be a million times better than the safe option ? Is it the gentle disinterest and allure of uncertainty?

I mean surely no one will refute the allure of gentle disinterest and the intrigue of uncertainty?

To be honest, i don't have an answer for you, but i thought i might show you a few of those 'bad boys' who will always have my heart, regardless of the hundred of hearts they have already crushed.
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Trese x

Stevie was a connoisseur

im a little bit jealous.
actually alot a bit.

check out her blog 

- dani x.

to make it all worthwhile..

Considering i have been spending 7 of my 7 days a week in a library, i thought i shall let you know what it is that keeps me going back...basically it comes down to a few people and/or groups that i have come to know all too well:

1. The Guy That's incapable of sitting down not kidding. He goes for a walk, sits down for all of 5 minutes, lies on the desk for a good half an hour then repeats the process. And just to make life a little better...he wears baggy jeans, chunky shoes and is effing ugly....

2. Creepy Asian Guy
Everytime i lift my eyes...he is staring. No joke! Every single time! He sits there and stares! I really want to just wave but I'm too embarrassed. He is mega wierd! AND he's like grossly old!

3. Cheap Monday's Guy
He's quite not hot or 'good looking' but cute! He always wears blue cheap mondays so it makes him cute. We think he goes to Shore because he has a Shore bag, but nevertheless he's quite cute.

4. Swedish Couple
The girl is super pretty, like tall and thin with short blonde hair. And the guy is really scraggy looking with dark thick rimmed glasses. Theyre actually a really hot couple, but i can't figure out what it is that annoys me about them!

5. Coffee Cart
I've become a regular...enough said?

6. Sluts in Law Library
They gave me a mass greasy the other day because theyre 'guy friends' paid more attention to me than they did to them. It's really entertaining because whenever i walk past they all turn to talk to me and the girls turn around with the shitty looks on their face. Call me bitchy...but there is sooo much satisfaction in that moment!

7. Pathetic loser that wears Doc Martins as school shoes
Need i say more? She thinks shes super hot...but shes hideous and just screams 'try-hard'

8. Guy that wears the grey t-shirt and checkered shorts
He's really cute, like a 'cute' guy, but he needs to find a new set of clothes..its getting kinda gross

9. Group of hotties that have their ciggie break at 2pm outside Fisher
Holy fuck! they are soooo effing hot! Like oh em gee! i've never seen anything like it before! Like seriously! More guys should consider modeling themselves on these guys then the world would be a much better place! Especially the 'guy in the red jumper' if you saw would melt!

and lastly...

10. My BFFL's
Theyre seriously awesome. There are the 3 regulars..Nick, Nathan, and 'BFF' (i forgot his name). They make trying to study fun, and theyre soooo funny to talk to! Like theyre really dorky, but really hilarious! 
Totally going to miss our study dates when this all finishes!

i heart hsc forever and ever

Trese x

sassy little frassy

my new obsession...

- dani x.

so rich, so pretty

Ivanka Trump is seriously awesome.
Her father is insanley rich ( umm Donald Trump duhh) and yet she made it completely on her own. while all the time looking fabulous.
Like seriously she has a Bachelor of Science in Economics and she was a model and now shes the vice president of some massive company and she's not even 30.
She was even quoted saying 
"I make money because I have to pay for everything apart from my school fees. My father even makes me pay my own telephone bill."
Such a refreshing change to all those other dumbass, famous for nothing socialites. paris hilton what?
and she has massive boobs.

- dani x.

Me, Myself and I

they will always be my friends.

- dani x.

the words she knows. the tune she hums

i just realised every single one of my posts is titled with song lyrics.

- dani x.

And if there's some kind of God do you think he's pleased?

found this the other day and was meaning to post it but my attempts at studying got in the way.
now its hit mainstream and your probably all aware of it. but still doesnt make it the least bit less sad. so thought id still post.
but seriously why does god make little children if he only plans to just kill them.
its not fair. its really not.
or click here then in the article click on 'images:notes left behind' to see the notes.
its heart-wrenching.

i wanna help find a cure for cancer. i need to help find a cure for cancer.
 i know it sounds silly but i really do.

- dani x.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

i can see your boner

this is great :)

6 years of religious education and this is the highlight

Yours sincerely,

And another thing...i'm going to cross my fingers and hope that someone with the power to make a difference reads this and acts on it..

Dear Topshop:

On behalf of about 95% of the Australian public i would like you to consider to get the fuck out here so we can buy your clothes!!!
I hate going on your website and finding a million different pieces of clothing that would look amazing on the coat hangers in my wardrobe but knowing that they will never get that opportunity! To put it's just not fair!
So please consider my request and make an effort to open up a store in Sydney (but i will settle for Melbourne, because flying to Melbourne is easier than flying to London or NYC), it would be greatly appreciated.

Love always, Trese x

all i want for Christmas is...

does anyone know whether Santa is feeling generous this year?
i hope so...i feel like being spoiled..

Miu Miu Ready-to-wear (Spring/Summer 2009) has inspired me to become a hobo..unfortunately i can't be a hobo and wear Miu Miu...i need to pick one or the other...Miu Miu it is :)

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Trese x
dearest danielle:
i'm thinking....
maybs we can organize our own "contiki tour" instead of doing that one..because although i really like the idea of doing all around europe there are a few places on that list which i would be happy not going to...but i did quite like how it included dubrovnik thats where my bubu was born :) so we're going to go there anyways...
and it didnt include santorini, or the markets in i'm thinking we need to alter the itinerary a little so we can get to the places we want to and spend more than a day in each place...
what chu think?

tell me that your sorry didn't think i'd turn around...

heyy dani! 
you know how i had that dream the other night about getting a tattoo but still not knowing what to get...well i found these and thought they were appropriate...
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

and a few things i think i want pretty badly..
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(D&G suede wedges)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(ashley's jacket/dress thing)

Trese x

an american girl in paris part une

on a lighter note...

trese babes here are the contiki tours ive currently found relevant to the europe adventures ( of myself, trese, laura, nessa and whoever else you like to come)
my only issue is you only spend one day in each country.
but i guess this is just a starting point like were just at the research stage.
anyhoo click here,


- dani x.

take my hand we'll make it i swear

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heres a list of songs that have been drilling my brain:
We Won't Run- Sarah Blasko
What i Want- Sarah Blasko
While You Wait For The Others- Grizzly Bear
Slide- Goo Goo Dolls
Iris- Goo Goo Dolls
Cupid's Shuffle- Cupid
Walking On Broken Glass- Annie Lennox
I Miss You- Kimya Dawson
Mom- Kimya Dawson
I Like Giants- Kimya Dawson
Cool Knowledge- Volcano Choir
Down- Jay Sean
Somebody To Love- Leighton Meester
Apologize- Pixie Lot
Gravity- Sarah Bareilles
Wonderwall- Oasis
Loveletter- Lisa Mitchell
Obviously- Lisa Mitchell
Fallin' For You- Colbie Caillat

Thats it for now :)

Trese x

marcia marcia marcia

i actually hate my family. like SO FRIKEN MUCH.

besides my mum. i like her alot.

the rest can go to hell.
and i wish they would.

- dani x.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

what i want

and this one too:
Leigh Lezark, she kinda looks like Ruby Rose and Rihanna with Mary-Kate's body...i think she is stunning..her jaw structure is amazing..oh and she has the shoes i have been dying for
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

oh and these would be nice too: feel free to send sometime before November 20th :)
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Trese x (again i know)

let me be...

my latest girl crush:
Madelyn Ritland....
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Trese x