Thursday, October 29, 2009

to make it all worthwhile..

Considering i have been spending 7 of my 7 days a week in a library, i thought i shall let you know what it is that keeps me going back...basically it comes down to a few people and/or groups that i have come to know all too well:

1. The Guy That's incapable of sitting down not kidding. He goes for a walk, sits down for all of 5 minutes, lies on the desk for a good half an hour then repeats the process. And just to make life a little better...he wears baggy jeans, chunky shoes and is effing ugly....

2. Creepy Asian Guy
Everytime i lift my eyes...he is staring. No joke! Every single time! He sits there and stares! I really want to just wave but I'm too embarrassed. He is mega wierd! AND he's like grossly old!

3. Cheap Monday's Guy
He's quite not hot or 'good looking' but cute! He always wears blue cheap mondays so it makes him cute. We think he goes to Shore because he has a Shore bag, but nevertheless he's quite cute.

4. Swedish Couple
The girl is super pretty, like tall and thin with short blonde hair. And the guy is really scraggy looking with dark thick rimmed glasses. Theyre actually a really hot couple, but i can't figure out what it is that annoys me about them!

5. Coffee Cart
I've become a regular...enough said?

6. Sluts in Law Library
They gave me a mass greasy the other day because theyre 'guy friends' paid more attention to me than they did to them. It's really entertaining because whenever i walk past they all turn to talk to me and the girls turn around with the shitty looks on their face. Call me bitchy...but there is sooo much satisfaction in that moment!

7. Pathetic loser that wears Doc Martins as school shoes
Need i say more? She thinks shes super hot...but shes hideous and just screams 'try-hard'

8. Guy that wears the grey t-shirt and checkered shorts
He's really cute, like a 'cute' guy, but he needs to find a new set of clothes..its getting kinda gross

9. Group of hotties that have their ciggie break at 2pm outside Fisher
Holy fuck! they are soooo effing hot! Like oh em gee! i've never seen anything like it before! Like seriously! More guys should consider modeling themselves on these guys then the world would be a much better place! Especially the 'guy in the red jumper' if you saw would melt!

and lastly...

10. My BFFL's
Theyre seriously awesome. There are the 3 regulars..Nick, Nathan, and 'BFF' (i forgot his name). They make trying to study fun, and theyre soooo funny to talk to! Like theyre really dorky, but really hilarious! 
Totally going to miss our study dates when this all finishes!

i heart hsc forever and ever

Trese x