Monday, September 21, 2009

do you want to go to the seaside?

i would absloutley kill for these!
well maybe i dont have to?
from $450-$550 a pop its worth it if all the profits go to charity right? RIGHT?
-Romance Was Born RAFW 09 -

patrese thinks that i should just buy shoes similiar and decorate them myself.
but its not the same thing :(
she also talked me out of buying  these sunnies from sportsgirl.
she also said i should go to italian seminar but instead im sitting on the train writing these blogs,listening to tiny dancer and sucking on a heart lollipop.

you know what trese your such a downer today ive realised!
why wont you let me live marge? why won't you let me live!?
(okay if no one has seen that simpsons moment, youtube it. friken hilarious)

hmmm but i do need trese. i mean otherwise i would currently be sitting here with $80 worth of sportsgirl eyewear. which is only 2 pairs. and i'd never be able to afford those shoes anyways. fffffiiinnneeeeeee, trese was right. whatever :)

ahh well were at my train stop. guess i best rap this shiz up.
laters haters.

-dani x.