Wednesday, September 23, 2009

0 days :)

Lost Property
We have a large pile of year 9’s self respect and virginity that has been lost throughout the year, unfortunately these items can’t be returned.
Mr O’Rourke your teeth have been found from year 8 camp 2005, please collect them from the front office ASAP

Shore are now offering new places for the DT staff, go home.
Mr McKinlay, Mr Lee was unable to change your “funky dunky” password, you’ll be stuck with it for life.
If you are wanting a new sports car or TV, please visit the business office by the end of the year, so we can bill it to the students accounts.
Detention- Ms Quinn for stealing, Ms Alcock has searched your desk and found a large pile of students jewellery.

Year 7
During todays “science lesson” we’ll be dropping you of the balconies to see what drops faster, you, or your annoying parachutes.

Year 8
OmG lo1z competition to see who got the most magz on the weekend. Take photos of your vomit/enter the number of boys you hooked up with. Prize- 4 cRui$ers drink responsibly, teen drinking is very bad

Year 9
Smoking kills, there are cooler ways to die so stop smoking. Smoke detectors have been installed in the change room so please return to your desired location of the council car parks.

Year 10
This year is very important for you as the school certificate determines your life. Pru Salter will be holding study classes during lunch for the next few weeks, alternatively you can inject yourself with swine flu.
All reflective surfaces will be covered in an attempt to get year 10 to class on time.

Year 11
Although you’re the prodigy year, no one actually likes you. Seriously. Let your light shine- out of your ass.
Attention- come to the Mcguirk courtyard at lunch to find your year 12 look alike for a totally cool fakie.

Year 12
Free photocopying in the Art rooms, main entrance- side window, cost- muck up day.
Today during English, there will be a guest appearance from Shakespeare, just kidding it’s only Mr Norman.

no more left :)