Tuesday, September 22, 2009

the world just chewed her up and spat her out

im actually in the worst mood right now.
for several reasons.

1. when i got to the gym to swipe my card in the stupid girl behind the desk goes 'oh geezz i was just about to call you! its 6:30 and you werent here i was getting worried" which was embarressing enough until i turn around and friken 2 girls from my grade at my school were behind me! with looks on the faces like puuhhleeaassee as if you come every night. (if you knew who these girls were you'd know the exact face i meant)

2. an hour into my session at the gym MY IPOD DIED.

3. i filled up with petrol on the way to the gym and on my way home from the gym the same petrol station had the petrol for 5cents CHEAPER.

4.lauras fucking dying of sickness.

5. see previous post.

6. i have nothing good planned for muck up day!

7. i have been going to the gym every day for 2 hours for the past 5 weeks and NOTHING has happened.so much so that my trainer carmen has booked me in for a program review.

8. my family sucks ass. i wanna just leave already

9. i cant event write a stupid fucking essay

10. my hair is CURLY

but i guess on the plus side my lite n easy food comes on thursday :) im so friken excited.

hhmmm im starting to think bloggings good for the soul. i feel much better already.

but trese where the eff are you this evening?

- dani x.