Friday, September 25, 2009

end of the beginning

i know everyones saying how its not sad, is so exciting that we've finished school and im excited too.
but it is friken SAD.
do you people not realise the extent of what has just happened.
the one thing that we have been doing for the last 13 years of our lives, is over.
the first chapter of our lives is offically over.
were not kids anymore. 
its sad.

i mean yeaa im hell excited to start our lives.
but its SAD.

it feels like when someone you love has died. when you get the massive sinking feeling in your stomach because you realise your never gonna see them or spend time with them again. your never gonna be able to share anything with them again. No laughing or crying with them again. except that someone you loved is school. and you just lie around all day trying to distract yourself from thinking about it by sleeping and watching movies but whenever something happens or someone says something or you see something or think something that reminds you of them, you can't help but break out in tears.
honestly feels like theres been a death. but actually hasn't there?
or is this just me?

and seriously if it wasn't these people theres is no way in hell i would feel this way

they're awesome and your jealous.

- dani x.