Saturday, September 26, 2009

"PS. I was planning on writing the little Italian kid off who sent me an abusive message on facebook, however Ill settle for idle threats.
If I ever see you. 
I'll burn your fucking eyes out with a can of deodorant, do the same to your fat, underage girlfriend, then skull fuck you both till I can feel the remorse oozing out of your eye sockets. 
You threaten me, or my family ever again, and it won't just be a quick skull fucking and some lost eyeballs, you 'will' come to realize what its like to meet someone who knows the active ingredient in Omo washing powder can dissolve an entire human body in two weeks (minus bones)  if kept at around 40 degrees celsius, while sulfuric acid does it in two days, it won't dissolve leather, gallstones or dentures. 
Luckily for me not that many people have any of those things in their body these days.
It was harder in the 1800's.
Leather bones was all the rage.
However, if you believe that to be a little... harsh.
Feel free to apologize. I'm pretty forgiving when I'm not skull fucking peoples eye sockets.
Your friend,
- Loves cousin

Ironically, this made me laugh...its blunt and cruel and soo fucking true!

Trese x