Monday, April 12, 2010

careful what you wish for...

yes it is that time of week again, however this time I definatley definatley definatley think I'm fired.
so turn away if your sick of my incessant rambling, cause god knows I am.
But seriously so fired its not even funny. You'll see...

I was already in a shitty shittass mayor of shitstown mood on saturday night (despite my lovely coffee date with laura lou and bec babes) so i knew work was gonna be crappy.
Got in trouble again for not smiling. For which I replied "Well maybe I just have nothing to smile about" yupp bad idea Danielle, bad idea.

Ohemgee while carrying too many glasses i friken dropped them in the middle of where people dance. So as punishment my supervisor made me clean it up myself. However when I got the broom and dustpan these 2 guys kept trying to make me dance with them despite my explanations that I was working. Epic fail. They took my broom and started grinding me and dancing all crazily and i couldnt help but laugh, like i was laughing so much my eyes were watering. So Mark saw this and cracked a shit, telling me to get back to work. which is completely understandable except for the fact that IT WASNT MY FAULT THAT THEY TOOK MY BROOM AND STARTED GRINDING/TRYING TO MAKE ME DANCE WITH THEM.

Then Will came to say hi (he has a membership card so he gets in for free and always comes visits me when he comes to the cross and we make our way home together) He saw I was shitty and tried to cheer me up which was nice. Except Mark (being all cranky and supervisor like) came mid-kiss and told me to again get back to work. So dam embarressing.

AND THEN (seriously not making this shit up work was just horrible) Lou came to visit me with her friend and that Christian promotor guy. So despite my previous mishaps I wasn't gonna ignore her as she came to piano espesh to see me. And sure enough Mark came over to tell me off. Except when he saw Christian was there he let me be (Christian is bff with Brian whose Marks boss). So all was well.

Anyways now for the worstish part. After we'd closed and I'd finished my closing duties I didn't even say bye to anyone. I was way too scared to go up to Mark cause I knew he'd say something about my behaviour, so i walked straight past everyone and left. Which i regret SO bad now. They were all sitting around on the lounges having their usual post-work drinks and I just waltzed straight past. Not good.

And now its Monday night and he has not emailed me my shifts yet. which pretty much equals FIRED.

yupp see what I mean now when I say I'm definitely fired?
yup thought so.
Funniest part is it's actually all my fault. And I know I said I didn't wanna work there anymore but I don't  know maybe I did.
All well I guess it's true, be careful what you wish for.

- danielle.