Monday, March 29, 2010

my heart is beating like a hammer

I think i may be fired.
but I'm not sure.
how can I not be sure if I'm fired or not?

After my break on Saturday night things just went downhill. I kinda dropped like 10 glasses, they smashed everywhere and hit/spilled onto a couple of people as well so they had to give them some free cocktails to smooth it over. (our cocktails are $18 each)
Supervisor wasn't impressed.
And i was so shaken after that lil (well big) debacle that i was just doing a shitty job at everything else.
Then after we'd closed my supervisor left without saying bye, he always says bye.
So awkward on Thursday night though. He went to kiss me bye on the cheek, I didn't realise so like rejected it, then realised what happened, so then i leaned in but then tripped over my own feet (dont even know how) and stumbled like a maniac to keep myself from fulling stacking it. so so SO awkward.
So now every time we say bye i just casually do a little wave thing. It's still awkward though.

My job anxiety is the cause of the previous post btw.

but i saw this the other day and it made me happy.

Christian M R Stevens yes, i may pop over to piano room to see brian, but just call me x
Yesterday at 3:45pm

Lou Campbell my friend dani is having her trial shift there tomorrow night so if you meet her take care of her for me! and i shall call you x
Yesterday at 3:46pm

Christian M R Stevens haha, ill make her make me really hard cocktails
Yesterday at 3:48pm

Lou Campbell and then tell brian/manager shes amazing!
Yesterday at 3:48pm

My new friend Lou. she's hell nice and absolutely gorgeous too.

Didn't even know she did that for me. I love when people do things that make you smile.

That Christian guy is bff with the owner of piano room. so hopefully they'll help save my job?
I keep checking my email like a crazy bitch to see if he's emailed me my roster yet.
But i shall keep you updated.
fingers crossed.

- danielle x.