Tuesday, October 27, 2009

is there somebody who still believes in love?

Note to laura:

You seem to be mistaken...a blog isn't about posting images, or words, or songs that are "beautiful"..but merely an electronic journal documenting the things in which we find exciting, intriguing, and inspirational..which are all things that we personally perceive as being "beautiful"

The question you should be asking is not "what is beauty?" but "what do i find beautiful?"
Because beauty is purely in the eyes of the withholder, in many a case it is far beyond what society deems to be "acceptable" because beauty is that which stands out from the crowd, beauty is that which is exceptional...it is not about conforming to societal values, or we would not find it beautiful..it would be "aesthetically pleasing" but no one is ever inspired by a mere "aesthetic" but we are inspired by what we don't see everyday, by what is exceptional....

Therefore, i guarantee that what you or i find "beautiful" will not be "beautiful" to many people on this oversized sphere we call home. Thus hiding behind fear of being accepted is not serving any good to any of the world. Our opinions, loves and inspirations differ, so why not allow the rest of the cyber world see what it is that YOU find beautiful, because just like the many people that will disagree, there might be one, two or even more that find it inspirational. So you can say, you have changed a small portion of the world. 

So, fight your fear of not (dare i say it) belonging to the cyber world, and share what it is that you find beautiful, as your perspective will always be valued by at least one other person in this universe. It hurts me to think that you are trying to be accepted in a world that isn't very welcoming or accepting, you must find what it is that you find beautiful, and keep hold of it because at the end of the day it will be the reason many people leave you, but at the same time it will be the very reason a small amount of people stick by you. 

Trese x