Monday, October 26, 2009

Dearest Danielle,

I wish to thankyou for your warm invitation/welcome, however I will not be making myself too comfortable in this space.

I myself, am unfortunately creatively challenged. Thus it is difficult for me to express in words or images what I find beautiful. Potentially I might spend hours deciphering and contemplating the true meaning of beauty itself... And so this ‘blogging’ business may consume my thoughts which already are clustered with the overanalysing of situations/people/behaviours

Furthermore, I fear that my unconventional ideas about what is beautiful and what is not, may be construed as strange/different/peculiar. And the cyber world may not be accepting.
Ultimately this could spoil the baby you and trese have so lovingly brought into this world. My input could hinder its growth potential, having devastating effects on the end product.

So out of fear of displacement in the cyber world of blogging, I might just stick to what I know best with my elephant journal and its environmentally friendly recycled pages, that no one else but me gets to see.

But keep up the good work gals. You brighten up my computer screen almost everyday.