Thursday, September 17, 2009

youth is wasted on the young

A lot of my days are spent full of anxiety and fear. Life is hard period. It doesn't matter how much money you have, or where you live, or how healthy you are. The universe does not specifically dole out what happens or doesn't happen to us. I don't believe that it does anyway. 
For most people when they die, they are remembered strongly by the people who were close to them.... The elephant in the room when it comes to talking about death is that when people say something like "He's no longer with us". The remaining question is, well "where did he go?"
Its nice to think there's a heaven, or a system that somehow allows us to see each other again in another life, but i wonder deep down if we can truly believe that. The thing i forget is that everyday we are alive, living and breathing, we are in heaven.  
The life we have on earth, it is heaven. And yes, awful, horrendous things happen and most of the time we complain like we're in hell, but the only proof i've ever had of a God existing has been through my experiences with other people. 
When i read a book and cry and cry because it's over and i don't want it to end. I'm in haven. Tonight i sat on a bench wth my two best friends and we ate sunflwoer seeds and laughed our asses off. If there's another kind of heaven then i don't really want to know about it. If i die, i die, but at least we know when the shit hits the fan, while we're alive there will always be a silver lining. We can choose to see it or ignore it, but its there. I bet my life on that fact everyday."

- Lesley Arfin

Trese x