Thursday, September 17, 2009

i play guitar and you play guitar

oh em gee..dani those last two posts nearly made me cry! but the tears refused to come out because i couldnt wipe the smile off my face :)

i really do love you! it kills me to know how much youve impacted my life this year! 
and i agree with everything below...dani, laura, loz, bec, ness, lana, maddy and the one and only karl! you guys have seriously made the past six years survivable and in your own individual ways have been the reasons i wake up in the morning and treck my way to monte.... i dont ever want to lose contact with you guys! and im seriously looking forward to this next chapter in our lives which totally includes a hell of a lot more nights out!

fuck i have the coolest friends! suckeeddddd innn to everyone else!!!!
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p.s note to bec, laura and karl....i need a group photo with you guys in it because we simply do not have one :)

Trese x