Monday, September 14, 2009

inside of you

i fucking LOVE russell brand!
like i fucking love him.
i wanna have his babies so bad, mostly because that entails us to sex each other.
and i think that the fact he's a sex addict adds to the charm. as does his arrogance and utter funniness. and his accent OH EM GEE.

hhmmm actually after searching for photos of him, aesthitically he's not very pleasing. still id do him in a heartbeat ten times over.

oh and im totally trying to find his opening of the mtv VMA's (last night) cause its friken hilarious but it doesnt seem to be up anywhere yet. so give me time.

- dani x.

ps. i totally and utterly agree with treses blueberry post. they are fucking awesome except without yoghurt.
and so good ice cream. actually starting to live up to its name :)