Sunday, May 23, 2010

i have a boot addiction

had such a fun-didily-un day yesterday.
forgot how wonderful it is to spend time with friends and to just laugh.
god i love laughing. and smiling. genuinely laughing and smiling.
spent all day and night surrounded by friends and i have never been so happy in ages.
and i love the city. i really do.
i could spend all day just wandering through the streets. even when its cold and wintery and raining it's still just so dam pretty. and the qvb, oh how i heart thee.
oh and what we discovered last night in coles - sweet & salty organic popcorn. seriously do it. words can not even describe its amazingness. perfection.

bought these bad boys. for only $99.95.
of my now 4 pairs of boots i've bought this season they're my cheapest yet.
- Mimi loves Jimi Akasma desert boot

turns out lauren has the same ones in black. i call them lesbian shoes though cause ness said teagan and sarah wear them. my name for them twas annoying lauren all night :) ness just laughed.
such an impulse buy though. saw them on the mannequin in general pants qvb and bought them off the mannequin in the literal space of 5minutes. thought no one else would have anything like them. clearly was wrong. if they turn into the next roc-indie-alternative-whatever-brand-rip-off-doc-martin wannabes that every single girl is currently prancing around in, i will die.

then im gonna buy these on wednesday. (with my 20%off discount that the guy at general pants gave me.wooo) but seriously at $69.95 can you say bargain!?

- Mimi loves Jimi patent suede stilt boot

seriously contemplating these over the knee suede boots
my only issue being them + my short legness = stumpiness. 
though ask me wednesday night and i betchya ill have them. and at $99.95 im in love.
- Mimi loves Jimi 'Johanna' boot

well im off to continue my happiness.
though im really not keen on venturing out in this weather. but i must admit i am enjoying wearing knitted clothing. and the joy of eating food with friends that only comes with winter.
laters lovers.

- danielle x.