Monday, April 12, 2010

maybe i need some rehab or maybe just need some sleep

You know what? i'm really sick of being one of those people that's never genuinely satisfied!
Like there's always that list of things that i want to have/be and even when i cross one off, another three are added! It's ridiculous! Like are we ever content with our lives? Is it true that once we fall in love everything makes sense and feels worth it? Because i'd have to say that i don't think thats true! I don't think that once i have a guy i will be content with my height, weight, wardrobe, job, hair, skin (i'm not going to bore you with the list...i could make a whole blog purely on an "i wish list") but yeah when is it ever enough?

Call me a spoilt brat, but have we not been taught growing up to constantly be working towards something? Like we spend 12 years at school to get to uni, then 4 years at uni to get a job, then years at a job to make more money, and years more trying to keep that money rolling in? When does life ever become enjoyable? Is life enjoyable? What the fudge does enjoyment even mean? 

Sorry to go all Carrie Bradshaw on you but i'm actually really annoyed because i know that im having 3 sleepless nights this week to get an assessment done so that i can enjoy my holidays for two weeks....but i'm not going to enjoy the holidays because i have no money! soooooooo just a bit sick of life at the moment!
But heres some news for the week....i'm putting on weight like freaking crazy and my boobs are getting bigger thankyou Estelle 35! 

Trese x