Friday, April 23, 2010

let's dance in style let's dance for a while

Dear Diary,

I am pleased to inform you that i have come to the realisation that i am not entirely picky, BUT i have this remarkably amazing ability to attract arseholes. 
Now after much reflection i have realised that many of the men i have made part of my life, were on my half idiots that i could've seen coming from the beginning, with lewis to name a few. But after last night i realised that i need to find the Neon Lights and arrow telling all idiots to come to me! 

(for dani: Last night we were sitting down at Ivy and we were talking about how my problem is that i'm picky, so as soon as this guy approached me i thought okay i am going to be nice and go along with it! And want to know what his first line was? i quote, "Can i take you over there so i can kiss you in front of that girl?" honestly i was disgusted that someone could ask that. So i gave him an epic lecture on how that will piss her off and drive her away rather than get her back rah rah rah then the arse hole got rid of me, not without asking for my number and i gave him a fake) 

See???? Its not just me! And thats not including the rest of the list prior to last night! 
I admit that i am a litle too picky, which i honestly am working on trying to fix, and in saying that i will politely talk to that one of David's friends that i am not attracted to at all! But for the rest of this year i will eliminate all aspects of my natural bitch-factor. And to start i will stop comparing guys to other "better guys", and in that i shall try and decrease my over analysis of anything and everything they do. 
I'm yet to come up with step number two, but hopefully i'll see an improvement after step 1!

you know you love me xoxo gossip girl

p.s totally off topic, but loving that song 'no scrubs' by TLC right now haha