Monday, April 19, 2010

ever had that dream where your walking naked down the street?

okay because i havent really said anything to anyone i thought i'd let you both know so it saves me repeating it twice

Dear Diary,

Sat night was actually really good...or from the parts i remember, including those that make me cringe and want to crawl up into a ball and kill myself!
So umm went into surry hills with bec and ellie, met Danny (laura that i USED to work with's ex) he's actually a lot funnier than i remember him being...but yeah we ate with him then headed to Clock bar where we met his brother and friends...where a  few too many drinks lead to me nearly falling off my chair...(yes it started leaning with me sitting on it, and yes i wanted to cry from embarrassment!) But so yeah one of them bought ellie a drink so we felt bad leaving them! but nonetheless we did!

Anywhooooo i ran into Amanda (davids sister) at the bar and we were talking a a little bit, which was pretty much the "come say hi" invite! so i didnt look like a dickhead! But so yup went to say happy bday and most of his frinds recognised me so it wasnt that horribly awkward! Although as soon as Le bitch saw me she latched on to the bf who pretty much made her say hi (he did the whole "you know Patrese!!") and she hesitantly said hi, and nothing else for the rest of the night! Which in itself is actually really funny considering she already strongly dislikes me! :)
But yup so for the rest of the night we spoke to randoms, and i got introduced to his friends, and some random ones (Zac efron in particular) came up to me and knew all about me...yet all i knew about him was that i'd pre-named him Zac Efron, which led to a teeny argument about whether or not he actually was a lookalike! Mind you all of this was done drunk...or there wouldve been no chance of me saying it! haha
I also met this guy who i had heard stories about him growing weed in his backyard (as a joke), he was pretty funny! he then accused me of being "the girl from work who wants to buy the weed off him" not realising it was the wrong person...but yeah twas funny!

Oh and we saw this guy who was soooooo unbelievably hot! like i fell madly inlove with him the minute i saw him! He had amazing hair and was wearing acid wash jeans and a charcoal tee shirt with a brown scarf, ad had doc martins on! omg yumm im like orgasming as i think about him! But i asked one of davids friends and turns out he had a gf...who we think was this girl who i made bec ask about her shoes because they were truly the most amazing shoes ice seen! So the jealousy factor was raging at that point! :)

oh god and then when we were leaving i went to say bye to david and he made me meet this guy who apparently has a thing for me, mind you i dont htink i've ever met him before nor do i remember what he looked like..but yup i have a secret admirer! Pretty hilarious! But yeah as we were going i said bye again and then got dragged to meet Amanda's boyfriend who i hadnt met before (mind you he is leahs older brother who has worked for my dad) yup awkward...
and then i ran into Kurt (my secret crush) and i basically jumped on him to give him a hug! It makes my stomach churn just thinking about it! I'm suuuuuuch an idiot! Like how freaking embarrassing! But yeah....
THEN whilst waiting for a cab into the city bec started talking to some irish guy and said he was a Leprichan (?) who wouldnt let me take her when we found a cab! hahaha 

anyways moral of the story is Saturday night was extremely eventful, and ended up being really fun! lol 
and i realllllyyyyyy wish you guys were there!!

xoxo gossip girl