Saturday, April 17, 2010

do i make your heart beat like an 808 drum?

so i decided this week i was going to go to work with a new attitude.
instead of being a negative nancy i'm gonna be a positive... polly?

Thursday night was good.nothing interesting.

but last night was fun
seriously i've realised now what a confidence booster working in the cross is.
Like it's just compliments galore. though its probably just cause to the all guys there i'm the only sober, non-trashy,non-slutty, non-straightened hair, non-ass bearing girl in the cross.

At work i got pulled into a full tango dance. two separate times. with two different guys. except instead of being negative i embraced my positivness and happily danced along. it was actually kinda fun. i got twirled and dipped. Mark (my supervisor) was looking on both times and laughed. now he knows i get pulled into dancing with guys! it's not voluntary.

But the weird thing is when this other guy asked me to dance with him and i politely declined he went up to Brian (Marks boss) and said i wouldnt dance with him! so then i got told to be more fun with the customers (clearly he didnt see my fabulous tango encounters) but moral of the story being negative got me bad karma, so this whole positive thing actually works (god im gay)

After work seeking a sprite-zero i ventured into a convienience store. where the Arab owner proceeded to stick ' the most beautiful girl in the world' (his words not mine im so not that concieted) on the phone to his brother who lives in Jordan. then asked if i would marry him so he could come out to Australia. not even kidding. then he got all excited when i said my madre was from egypt. Despite my newfound positiveness i thought it best to decline and quickly run out of the shop.

When i was walking to my car i always get guys yelling out from the footpath,shops,cars, anywhere and everywhere (but like every girl in the cross does) anyways then this one guys goes hey baby where you going or something like that cant remember exact words. and his friend goes 'man just leave her alone shes probably been coping that shit all night' so i ran up to him and gave him a hug and said THANK YOU (to the friend not the guy who yelled out).

THEN i thought my night was over as i was driving down bayswater rd (where candys and shiz is) and i had the light in my car on cause i was looking for something (so pretty much people could see directly and fully into my car) when this beautiful black guy who was talking to his friend in a parked car jumped in front of my car! i braked so didnt hit him which was all good but i got a bit freaked and locked my doors. anyways he waved and smiled and wouldnt move. he came round the side of my car and embracing my positiveness winded down my window. he asked me to stay out with him. i said no thanks. he said he understood and asked if he could at least give me his card and to add him on facebook so i thought why not.
then i drove off and he stood and blew a kiss.

now after work im going to see him at a club (hes some mass promoter guy but meh) with the lovely bec chambers who shall be out and about in the cross. thought a bit of fun couldnt hurt right?

check my profile for his fb. cause seriously you'll see im not making this shit up! all this stuff really does happen to me.
where else but the cross right?

and now im off to get ready for another night of work.

laters hateeeeerrrrrssss

(ps. the reason i post this shiz is so i can keep you peeps[trese and laura] updated on my life without having to repeat everything twice cause im lazy bitch)

loverr youseeee

- danielle x.