Sunday, April 18, 2010

cry me a river

okay so pretty much ignore all my previous rants because this time i'm actually fired.
i know 'youse' pretty much hate me right now and are wanting to staple my mouth shut (or rather stickytape my fingers together so i cant type) so i would just shut the fuck up already about my work dramas.
but seriously its offically dunzo.
which sucks cause i was really starting to like working there :( and the first half of my night was so much fun.

im not gonna give a full blow by blow detailed recount like previous times as im still shitty about it ( oh and underbellys about to start)
but pretty much... work was super duper like SUPER busy and i was the only person working floor and only one waiter was one (which technically IS THEIR FAULT FOR NOT PROPERLY STAFFING) anyways i couldnt keep up with all the work to do, then the waiter asked me to help him out. so i did. which meant the place got so dam messy. and i got in sssssooooo much trouble. the friken floor manage, bar manager and brian (overrall manager) had to go round and pick up glasses with me! so bad.

anyways as i was helping the waiter out i was getting these bottle of vodkas for this table but turns out i wasnt allowed to. so i got in trouble for that (even more trouble cause the waiter told me to but Mark was like im your boss not him).
and i thought the waiter said the bottle of vodkas were $150 each but turns out they were actually $350 each. and they got four bottles. so they were like wtf!? when they got the bill. they paid it though but again i got in SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH TROUBLE.
oh and will came at this time just as i was getting my talking to and so mark was like oh cmoonnn. and so i had to brush will off and went he went to give me a kiss i completely turned my cheek. his response 'rough'.

aaaannddd if that wasnt enough i had to stand by the table with the vodka bottles for the rest of the night (turns out post midnight you cant leave the bottle unattended with the people) and then i saw Mark (bar manager), Mark (floor/my manager) and Brian get abused by Po (the big boss) and they kept looking over at me. so i was just like fucckkk what now. then mark (bar manager) came over and goes 'i know i didnt tell you before but your actually meant to pour the drinks for them cause theyre not allowed to. and they all got abused by Po cause i hadnt been.' but he said it wasnt my fault cause i didnt know but still at this point Mark (my manager) was absolutley HATING my guts.

finally at 3 we closed and the place was a MESS. so it took me forever to clean/fix everything up and bec was calling me every 5 minutes cause i was meant to meet her and this girl kyla to go out after work.
so i finished, signed off.
anyways when i went to say bye the two Marks were together and i asked if i could leave my bag in the drawer and just grab it next shift (cause i didnt wanna take it out with me) and my manager Mark just goes 'yea i guess whatever' but the other Mark (bar manager) tried to lighten it up and goes ' what he means is as long as theres no white powder in it' which was kinda funnny.
and then when i said bye my manager Mark didnt even say anything. like friken rude much?

Oh and weird thing! after (bar manager) Mark gave me my tips he goes 'oh and heres half of my own tips' and i was like what?what for? and he said ' cause you did a really good job tonight' but i go no i didnt i just kept doing the wrong thing and getting you and everyone in trouble'
so why the hell did the bar manager give me half his tips? i think it was guilt money.

like they are not gonna give me another shift after that!
i just seriously cant get over what a horrible night it was.
i wanted to curl up in a ball and die.

:( :( :(

- danielle x.