Monday, April 19, 2010

cause this is actually so much easier than facebook or messaging

umm so the thing is im not fired.
so im actually so so so insanley sorry for that rambling post.
like so sorry you had to read all that, if i could give you that 5minutes of your life back i would.
and im working Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. which means i offically have no life this long weekend.
are you peeps going out this weekend?

and my mother lent An Education to my aunty so i now longer have it in my hot little hands. however i do have Bounty Hunter (that one with Gerard Butler and Jennifer Anniston, it isnt in movies yet i dont think?) and Dear John if you want me to bring those instead?
oh and i still haven't written my essay due Thursday so i may have to bring it with me to finish tomorrow night, which sucks but at least im still there :)