Wednesday, March 24, 2010

gather round boys and girls...

Its 3:45 am. girl is walking through the cross. boy is also walking through the cross. boy sees girl. boy asks girl where she's heading? girl ignores boy on assumption that he's just another sleaze. boy persists. walks besides girl telling her his name's Will and asks where she's going alone? girl gives in to cuteness of boy and says she's heading home. boy asks where home is? girl says pymble. boy says i'll split a cab with you? girls says no thanks ill just night ride bus it (though her mother is coming to pick her up) boy says he'll walk with her and nightride bus it too as he lives in cammeray. boy and girl talk while walking. He goes to Sydney Uni too, went to Marist (finished '05) and is really good friends with Maddie Eckketts older sister (whoever she is). girls mum pulls up. girl says she lied before that her mums actually coming to pick her up. boy asks politley for lift to town hall. girl contemplates, then says yes. girl wonders what mother would say at picking up a random. girl thinks. She remember's her friend sam lives in cammeray and tells Will that he is to pretend they are already friends and that he is friend's with sam. They get in car. Will sits in front as he is to jump out first. mother upon liking Will offers to drive him all the way home. Girl is sitting in the back pissing herself laughing the whole time as mother and Will have full on conversation about Lady Gaga, sam (the most hilarious part), and Will's living in cammeray and newport. boy hands girl his phone with message on it "I think your insanley cute, go out with me? and writes his number. girl erases message, write yes and her number and passes him back his phone. They reach his house and boy says thank you and gets out.

the end.

- Danielle x.