Sunday, February 14, 2010

so wake up, or wake up alone

am currently in search off the perfect winter boot.
ive always refused to buy boots as they are most unflattering on myself but this year ( with the help of the fabulous bec) i am determined to find an awesome pair of boots.
Wittner have some front runners at the moment but i'm still not convinced.

okay well the website is effing retarded and won't let me post the pictures so just go here and scroll across to find the shoes.

i LOVE ' basil' but not sure if i could cart around in a wedge all day everyday.
i think 'alliance' are SO cool but i could not pull them off so would never buy.
i also find 'attitude' intriguing, but like wannabe doc martins much?
i WANT 'damien' but if i buy one more pair of black heels my wardrobe may die.
i quite like 'becca' if i end up going for a knee high boot. but i extremely dislike the heel.

i still refuse to buy jeans though.

- dani x.