Monday, February 1, 2010

snakes and ladders

you know what really irritates me?
When people lead you to believe one thing and then out of no where, turn, like a light switch! It's sooo unbelievably annoying! It's actually the biggest form of deception, because you know that every moment leading up to their "turn" was a lie!
Or you're left wondering whether they're bipolar and have no idea of the effect their actions had on you in the first place, thus making them total dipshits who are suddenly, out of no where, not worthy of your time or energy!
But then...after all this contemplation you come to the realisation that if they were not worthy of your time or energy you would not have wasted all the previous time on them in the first place...leading you back to square 1. 

SO. think about the effects of your actions and words (and in many a case..lack there of), because i guarantee you there will be someone out there over analysing your intentions....

Happy Monday Bitchezz

Baby loves to dance in the dark because when he's looking she falls apart

Trese x