Sunday, February 14, 2010


"This wholly pointless and sordid industry has a highly inflated opinion of itself, argues George Pitcher
It's obviously sad that the fashion designer Alexander McQueen has died.
It's especially sad that apparently he should have taken his own life, at the tender age of 40 and in the pomp of his career; a creatively unfulfilled but widely loved man, whom darkness enveloped after the loss of his beloved mother.
But could I also just say this: the fashion industry that he dominated is one of the least attractive legal activities on earth, populated by weirdo artists, freakish PRs and emaciated and mentally disordered models. To be even tangentially exposed to it is to enter a world of phoneys and airheads, mutually massaging the pointlessness of each other's professional existence, self-regarding to a degree that would make Narcissus blush, committed only to ripping off a market made docile by cocaine, champagne and the odd canape. Fashion is a chimera of a real industry, the absence of which would harm no one other than its self-serving catamites and courtesans. It is a disgusting place to make a living."

NOW, where would you like me to start?
Dear Mr G.Pitcher,
I am going to assume that behind this article lies a man with a PHD in fashion and textile design, mastering in Journalism? As you clearly believe yourself to know more about the fashion industry than those who work in it!
Out of respect for the people in this  multimillion dollar industry and those whom follow, appreciate and adore it i ask that you shut your ignorant male chauvinist gob and listen and learn from those who clearly know more about a particular subject than you do! In fact you can apply your knowledge of journalism to the topic to get a better, understanding of why the death of this man was so remarkable!
In fact i will let you in on a little secret! I guarantee you that you personally would not be employed, thus have never had the opportunity to publish such an offensive article if this "wholly pointless and sordid industry" failed to exist! I ask you to research the statistics behind the sales of your magazines, news papers and hits and see whether or not these sales would be possible without the existence of this industry! All the articles that your fellow journalists have written regarding the red carpet, Lady Gaga, Film, Television, Fashion Week itself have made up countless amounts of sales, thus keeping you employed and funded the laptop you are writing on as we speak! 

So, next time you decide to write an offensive opinion piece on a topic you clearly know nothing about, at least do some research so you don't sound like an idiot!

Love always,
Trese x