Wednesday, February 10, 2010

f*** you very very much

Okay, so today started out really up early, sun was shining and i went to the beach...everyytthinngg was perfect! Until i tried coming home...

No joke it took me an hour to get on a bus at Bondi! The 380 came every like 20 minutes and every single one of them filled up with people running to the bus like they had just seen Johnny Depp sitting on the back seat! And it doesn't really help that i'm only 5"2", because people jump over me because they quite literally can't see me! Anywhoo an hour and 6 buses later i FINALLY got on a bus and headed towards the city where not only was everything closing but everyone was in an uber bitchy mood so by  the end of it my happy-go-lucky mood was destroyed.

And as for now, i'm in one of those moods where everything and anyone who comes within 5 metres of me is pissing me off and i am very likely to bite their head off! 

soooooo moral of the story....well there kinda isn't one...just thought i'd blog about my mcshitty mood!

Trese x