Thursday, December 24, 2009

boom boom shake the room

okay so its currently 2:36 am Christmas Day and i just got home and im still a tad wee bit drunk mcdrunk drunk and i could not find anything to do so i though id blog.
Had a friken awesome night.
though it started off weird it ended up being good.
moral of the story met english guys who live on bondi beach which is where anna and i shall be spending boxing day.
ps. LOVING anna being 18. though she doesnt even know we have  a blog
pps. i think i want a boyfrien
ppps. cant believe i just said that
pppps. what the mcfuck am i gonna do for new years????????
pppppps. im so fucking hungry ima go get food
ppppppps. my head is spinning so sleep is of no use to me atm
ppppppppps. thought i liked a guy. turns out i dont. why cant i seem to find a decent guy i actually like?
pppppppppps. fuck guys im gonna go lesbian
ppppppppppps. i miss guys im going back straight
pppppppppppps. what am i doing new years!!!!!!!!?????????????????????????
ppppppppppppps. samandlaura go away for a week tomorrrow. im actuallty gonna miss them so much. i heart them both times a billion
pppppppppppppps. i ate and now i feel incredibly sick
ppppppppppppppps. mother is going to KILL me. i just attacked the lasagne she made for tomorrow.
pppppppppppppppps. i think i just gained 45 kilos from the amount of food i just ate
ppppppppppppppppps. note to danielle: i will find a boyf by 20 Janurary 2010. dont ask why just my plan
pppppppppppppppppps. oh anna! you came and you brought me a turkey so i need you today OH ANNA

whatever im outties so over this shit.
still cant sleep
everytime my eyes close my head spins
so pretty much its a lose lose situation
and the amount of times ive had to retype words on this cause i spelt them wrong the first time is friekn shitload

tis now 2:48am christmas morning
merry christmas biatchesssss.
i miss santa

laters hatersssss
dani x.