Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday Life

Okay so umm i have a new obsession with the Sunday Newspapers. 
Every Sunday morning now i wake up and even before coffee, i drive up to the local shops and buy The Sun Herald and The Sunday Telegraph.
I then proceed to extract Sunday Life, Body and Soul, Sunday magazine and 'S' and discard of the rest of the paper.
Aaaaannnndddd this is how i spend every Sunday morning with my coffee, cigarette and Burgen Soy and Linseed toast.

Anyhoo so of my latest discovery....
Ruby Rose and Catherine McNeil are offically a couple. yupp.
They look so good together. Like if they could have babies just imagine how amazingly pretty they would be.
Theres a really cute photo of them kissing and smiling in the paper but i cant find it on the world wide web.

oh and Ruby Rose went peroxide blonde. like wtf right?

- dani x.