Saturday, October 24, 2009

I always wanted more than I could ever hold

this is how i plan to spend the first Tuesday of my freedom.
Tuesday the 10th of November (tightass tuesday duhh)
I dont even care if i have to go by myself.

500 days of summer
Valentino the last emperor
Julie & Julia
Couples Retreat

However the first movie i shall be plunking my ass down before is
(click on it for the trailer)
dying to see it.

So if anyone wants me on the 10th of November i shall be running in between cinemas at the Orpheum all day.

Im so excited for me.

oh and its totally 20days till the fabulousity that is my (and laura's) 18th.

Im so excited for us.

well off to the gym now.
later haterrrs.

- dani x.